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Canes Venatici - Hunting Dogs

The name Dogs of Set, in Egyptian gave rise to the title Canes Venatici. Set was a generic term applied to all circumpolar constellations. Canes Venatici, however, usually was accounted for in reference to the hounds of Callisto and as the hunting dogs of Boötes.

Mentioned by Hevelius, although described previously by Ptolemy, the more northern constellation is Asterion (starry) from the stars marking the body of the dog, and Chara, the one which was closest to the breast of her master.

In any case, the hounds are now firmly established and recognized by all astronomers as two greyhounds held on a leash by Boötes, ready to chase the Bear around the pole. The astronomer Proctor called them Catuli, the puppies of Boötes.

Canes Venatici contains M-51, the Whirlpool Galaxy.
Right Ascension 01:04
Diameter (°)13
Area (square °)465
Opposition Apr 07
Size Rank 38th
Brightness Rank 59th
GenitiveCanum Venaticorum