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Cepheus - King

Represented on the map of the heavens as a king in royal robe, a crown of stars on his head. He stands like a general, his left foot over the pole, the scepter in his left hand extended toward Cassiopeia as if for a favor and in her defense.

When you speak of Cepheus, you are referring to the king against whose life almost all of mythology touches. Jupiter, Neptune, none overshadow him.

It is written that he was the son of Belus and grandson of Neptune and Libya. In the true line of mythological royalty, his great grandfather was old Jupiter, himself.

There is not much written about Cepheus, the only king of the sky, except where it relates to his royal family.

His queen, you remember, was Cassiopeia. They were the parents of Andromeda, who was betrothed to Perseus. Cepheus was one of the famous Argonauts who accompanied Jason on his daring expedition for the Golden Fleece. That is why he was raised to live in the stars. Cepheus is closely related to the voyage of Argo Navis.

At the wedding feast of his daughter, Andromeda, and Perseus, Phineus and his gang arrived, violently protesting the marriage of his formerly betrothed, Andromeda. Cepheus, in his empirical wisdom, said, “you should have claimed her on the rock when she was the monster’s intended lunch!” A fight ensued and Perseus turned Phineus and his band into stone by exposing them to the same Gorgan’s head with which he has destroyed the monster. Some versions hold that Phineus was Cepheus’ brother.
Right Ascension 09:56
Diameter (°)21
Area (square °)588
Opposition Aug 20
Size Rank 27th
Brightness Rank 33rd