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Gemini - Twins

The twins are seen sitting together south of Lynx, between Cancer on the east and Taurus on the west.

Castor and Pollux were twin brothers, sons of Zeus by Leda, the wife of Tyndarus, king of Sparta. The manner of their birth was singular; Castor was sired by Tyndirus, Pollux by Zeus.

They were educated a Pallena, and afterward embarked with Jason in the celebrated contest ford the golden fleece. In their support of the Argonautic expedition the brothers acted with unparalleled courage and bravery. Pollux distinguished himself by his achievements in arms and personal prowess, and Castor in equestrian exercises and the management of horses. This is why they’re represented in Grecian temples on white horses, armed with spears, riding side by side, on their heads are crowns on whose tops glitter starts. Among the ancients, and especially among the Romans, there prevailed a superstition that Castor and Pollux often appeared at the head of their army to lead their troops to victorious battle.

The brothers cleared the Hellespont and the neighboring seas from pirates after their return from Colchis. Henceforth they were regarded as the friends and protectors of navigation. It’s said that during a violent storm on the Argo Navis two flames were seen to play around their heads, and immediately the tempest ceased and the sea was calm. From this sailors inferred that whenever both fires appeared in the sky there would be fair weather. When only one appeared, there would be storms.

The most commonly recounted myth is that upon Castor’s death, Pollux was overwhelmed with grief and wanted to share his immortality with his twin (Pollux, being the son of Zeus, was immortal), and so Zeus reunited them in the heavens.

In the Hebrew zodiac, the constellation of the twins refers to the tribe of Benjamin in some lists, but to Zebulun according to the Encyclopedia Judaica. Sometimes they are referred to as the twin sons of Rebecca.

The twins indicate good fortune and our positive phrase “by jimini” comes from “by Gemini”.

Castor and Pollux reach their zenith at nice o’clock P.M. in early March. Castor is a bright white binary and very visible. Pollux is a visible orange colored star.
Right Ascension 07:15
Diameter (°)18
Area (square °)514
Opposition Jan 07
Size Rank 30th
Brightness Rank 13rd