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Phoenix - Fire Bird

Phoenix is located between Eridanus and Grus, south of Fornax and the Sculptor, and named by Bayer. It culminates just above the horizon of New York City each November 17th.

Combined by Schiller with Grus, it was also known as Aaron the high priest of Israel. The Book of Job in the Old Testament mentions Phoenix.

In mythology the Phoenix bird was a male who’s life span was always over 500 years. At the end of 500 years he would build a nest of twigs from spice-trees on which he then died by setting the nest on fire and cremating himself alive. Shortly thereafter, from the ashes of the funeral pyre, a new perfect Phoenix in the image of the father would arise. The new Phoenix would then collect what remained after the fire and fly them to Heliopolis, Egypt. Here he would sacrifice the remains on the altar of the Sun.

There is evidence that a stork-like bird called Phoenix did exist and was honored in Arabia, Assyria, Ethiopia, Egypt, and India.
Right Ascension 12:49
Diameter (°)15
Area (square °)469
Opposition Oct 06
Size Rank 37th
Brightness Rank 44th