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Scutum - Shield

This constellation was named “Scutum Sobiescianum” by the Polish astronomer Hevelius, but shortened to Scutum by later astronomers.

The Shield, described by Hevelius, is in the Milky Way west of the feet of Amtinous, between the tail of the Serpent and the head of Sagittarius. It celebrates the Coat of Arms of John Sobieski, King of Poland, who distinguished himself during the wars with Turkey in the seventeenth century. He led twenty thousand Polish troops and defeated the Turks at Vienna, Austria on September 12, 1683, thus preserving the faith from the Turkish heathens. It is also supposed to depict a cross on his shield.
Right Ascension 06:40
Diameter (°)7
Area (square °)109
Opposition Jul 01
Size Rank 84th
Brightness Rank 79th