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Lacerta - Lizard

The lizard extends from the head of Cepheus to the star at the foot of Pegasus, its northern half lying in the Milky Way. The almost inconspicuous constellation was formed by Hevelius from outlying stars between Cygnus and Andromeda.A minor meteor shower from Beta Lacertids can be seen in August and September.

The reason for the lizard shape was simply that no other shape could fit into the available space. Hardly a romantic explanation, even though it was celebrated as an offering to Urania.

Lacerta has never been known as a pretty picture. In the past it was named a weasel, greyhound, newt and by the Chinese as the flying serpent.
Right Ascension 10:31
Diameter (°)11
Area (square °)201
Opposition Aug 29
Size Rank 68th
Brightness Rank 57th